As Seen On TV

The Nashville Flipper owner, Eric Schell, is currently featured on Flip U, a new six-part series from The Design Network. The series is now available to viewers on all top streaming platforms including Samsung TV+, The Roku Channel, Amazon’s FreeVee, Pluto, Sling, and a dozen more.

Eric Schell, renowned as The Nashville Flipper, hails from Highland, MI. His journey into the realm of home flipping began during high school and college, where he honed construction skills under the guidance of his cousin-in-law. Transitioning from a traditional 9-5 job, Eric embraced a full-time career in home flipping. His expertise and charismatic approach led to features on reality TV series, showcasing his passion for transforming properties. Beyond his own ventures, Eric dedicates himself to teaching others the art of successful home flipping…(learn more)